New Daily Dose Comics from The Far Side to Brighten Your Day ( 20 new far side)


The first episode of “The Far Side” aired on December 31, 1979, and lasted until January 1, 1995. The syndicated single-panel strip was published in approximately 2,000 newspapers at its peak, and it was translated into multiple languages.

“The Far Side” was a major hit, resulting in multiple popular compilation books, as well as calendars, cards, and other exclusive goods, thanks to its bizarre and slightly warped sense of humour and Larson’s passion for depicting animals. Larson was ready to move on in 1995.

“I felt comfortable about not setting a deadline the day after I retired from syndication,” Larson adds. “Drawing was no longer on my to-do list after I moved on to other interests.”

Fans can now return to “The Far Side” for the first time in a long time. Gary Larson has resurrected his renowned webcomic strip after a 25-year hiatus and released his first new Far Side cartoons. By going to and clicking on the “new things” page, you can see the three new strips.

But, before fans get too excited about the news, thinking that they’ll be able to see a new “Far Side” cartoon every morning while drinking their coffee, Larson cautions that this does not imply a return to the way things used to be.

Larson writes on the page, “I don’t want to fool anyone here.” This section of the website, New Stuff, is not a reincarnation of ‘The Far Side’s’ daily cartoon. (Well, not exactly; like the proverbial tiger and his stripes, I’m rather set in my ways when it comes to my sense of humour.)Isn’t it the case for all of us?) The thing is, I had a great time as a syndicated cartoonist, and I hope we’ve all laughed together, if only in spirit. However, after 15 years of meeting deadlines, blah, blah, blah… you get the picture.

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