Pixie And Brutus New Halloween Comic That will Make Your Day


Even the humorous comedians Pixie and Brutus don’t want to be caught without a Halloween costume at the last minute as All Hallows Eve approaches. Ben Head, a Minnesota-based cartoonist, has come up with a new Halloween comic strip featuring the strange duo.

It was improbable to find her closest friend clothing on a terrible holiday, led by Pixie, “a small, happy, enthusiastic kitty cat.” Bertos, a giant, tainted German shepherd, begs for a cute cat on a regular basis, resulting in a humorous fashion show.

“The reality is, Pixie and Brutus had just another crazy notion at work,” the head said, referring to the popularity of the animal persona. I had no intention of turning them into a series.” I just thought it would be a stupid concept to introduce a little kitten to a huge terrifying fighting dog, which would result in a strange animal friendship. Brutus told jokes, and people like them so much that I continued to tell them.

Scroll down to see Pixel and Brutus in their Halloween garb, and maybe even get yourself a costume!

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