20 Dark Humor Comics With Suspenseful Endings You Won’t Expect


You won’t be able to predict it.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, which is part of what makes it so enjoyable. However, there must be nice surprises. After all, no one wants to get bad news unexpectedly. On the other hand, this artist does not believe in it.They’ve also opted to make a primary subject of unpleasant surprises in their comics. They keep surprising their audience with twists, and it usually ends badly. Not for the sake of the audience, but for the sake of the comics’ characters.

That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable. From finding a buried horde of ghosts to a child conquering their fear of flying, these comics are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. By scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you can see for yourself. So, if you appreciate black humour and are looking for anything to fill that void, you’ve arrived at the right place.So, how about we get this celebration started?

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#1Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back and relax.


#2This is giving me a bad case of the creeps.


#3When you feel like you’re about to have a heart attack, it’s typically because you’re in love.


#4The internet is an odd place to be.


I started drawing comics in October of 2016. I had planned to create a YouTube channel at the time, but I learned I lacked the essential drawing skills, so I had to put it on wait. I remember seeing Alex Dempsey’s comic Rosiana Rabbit and thinking that comics could help me improve my painting skills. As a result, I started making comic books. -Tony

#5We all have multiple personalities.


#6It must be difficult to tell which of the two is the clone.


#7I can attest to the fact that this is always the case.


#8Did you also read it in ‘THE’ voice?


#9He’d been anticipating that moment for a long time.


#10When it comes to love, you sometimes have to take a leap of faith.


#11She should have been more specific.


#12To be honest, that cake does appear to be delectable.


#13Along with their teeth, the cliche of the first kiss goes down the drain.


#14Even ghosts are entitled to privacy.


#15Demons aren’t formed of gold or silver.


#16 I understand why he requires the book.


#17At some point in our lives, we all ask ourselves that question.


#18He’s well aware that he’s made a mistake.


#19Is it even necessary for me to know?


#20 She is now bereft of hope.


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