Jenny Jinya Creates a New Comic It Hurts Your Heart


I recall reprimanding a girl from the school where I taught who was engaging in such behaviour. She plucked a terrapin from the school pond and tossed it to the ground. I didn’t need to be a teacher working there to recognise that I needed to reprimand her. Parents disagreed, believing that I was too harsh in reprimanding her, and I was given a low grade, which halted my promotion and put me in depression. I ended up quitting teaching for more than a decade, but I never regretted chastising her for her heinous behaviour.
The point is that you would think that such people would not exist, but they do because there are no real consequences to instil the need to be kind rather than cruel.

Thank you for sharing this comic; it had a strong impact on me in a good way.

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When I was in primary school, there was a Barbary duck with a nest under a bridge that I had to cross. I’d bring them food, and the mother duck would quack when she saw me; they’re good at recognising people.
Then, one day, she was clearly in distress, as her eggs were smashed all around her nest. It was heartbreaking.
I found one intact egg and placed it in her nest, but she refused to take it… The ducks left a few days later, and I never saw them again.


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