Jenny Jinya’s New Comic made you laugh and cry at the same time.


Jenny recently posted new comics to his Instagram account. It did bring a grin to my face. Sweet reaper kitten and pup. Even your awful and heartbreaking work makes me grin, to be honest. (Not immediately… At first, I’m too preoccupied with crying.) However, I appreciate that you create these comics to raise awareness of animal brutality, pain/loss, and even love. Please keep them coming!

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Oh, the horror! My wonderful daughters used to enjoy chasing anything with wings, so you made me laugh and cry at the same time. Follow your prey, wriggle your buttocks, and pounce! We now have a cat who enjoys playing with string and will aggressively hunt flies and moths. I can still feel Sahara’s smooth, silky fur curling around my ankles on occasion, but she’s nowhere near me; it’s as if Precious and Silver are saying, “Did we do good, bringing you this one to love?” And I always think to myself, “Yes, girls, you did a great job.” We needed Sahara as much as she needed us.”


Jenny, THANK YOU!!! Even though the full-on heavy tears can be blinding at times, your illustrations are some of the most AMAZING and inspiring to my soul and the souls of so many others. This was SO ADORABLE and SO CORRECT!!!! Pup’s ambition and Kitty’s aloofness were, ahem, “dead on.” Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your talent with us!!!



You made my day; I adore your stories and cry every time, but today I was smiling and hoping that my cat, who died four years ago, is now chasing all the small animals she loved to sight and hunt (even though she never caught or killed them). Thank you a lot.



Even though your work makes me cry because it’s a method for me to grieve for my own lovely dogs, I still smile because it reminds me of the good moments we had together. This was lovely, and it made me grin as well.

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