Jenny Jinya’s new comic storey about adoption is based on a true storey.


Jenny Jinya is a gifted graphic artist who has gained acclaim over the internet for her heartfelt comics that make even the toughest of online users cry. Her cartoons frequently contain powerful messages about life and animal mistreatment, so it’s simple to recall her in this light.

Jenny has been rather well-known in the networks over time for her exceptional works, of which there are many, but some of the most well-known are “The lion” and “The black cat.”

Likewise, she admits that her comic strips are a little difficult to stomach, which is why she has returned with something that could signal a shift in her approach. I know, and I’ve read a lot about how much they reach people. As a result, I attempted to provide something for my supporters to cheer on.

Of course, we’ve brought all of Jenny Jinya’s admirers here to see her new comic strip, with which we can finally get the joyful ending we’ve been waiting for.

Jenny Jiya’s storey this time is Rescue Adoption, and I hope you enjoy it.

craete this comic as an artist Thousands of stories from shelter staff and volunteers have inspired me.

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