An artist known for making people cry with her animal comics has just released a new one about a freezing dog.


Jenny Jinya, the artist behind the Loving Reaper comics that make people cry, began the series with a storey about a puppy who was left behind. With time, she began to include more creatures in her art, such as bunnies, parrots, and elephants. Jenny is back with another storey about a good guy from a horrible background.

She recently posted a comic strip that transports us back to the winter season. Zeus, a cheerful canine, spends his days cooped up in a kennel. But it doesn’t break his spirit. Zeus is still devoted to his family. However, the weather is too much for him.

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Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya


Image credits: jenny_jinya

Jenny Jinya’s comics are distinguished by her thorough research into the topics she addresses. And this one wasn’t any different. Winters, unfortunately, bring instances of individuals abandoning their dogs outside to perish in the cold.

Jenny Jinya told Bored Panda, “I’ve wanted to take up this topic for such a long time.” “It irritates me that some people still feel their dog can handle anything, as if they have a wild wolf in their backyard. Our dogs, on the other hand, have been tamed and have acclimated to our conditions. The majority of dog breeds are sensitive to the cold (Northern breeds excepted). Finally, I’ve come up with a plot for a narrative that revolves around the problem.”


Jenny agrees that her most recent comic and the one that started it all are comparable in several ways. “For the past year, I’ve had the impression that I’ve drifted away from the ‘roots of my comics.’ That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I had the sensation at moments that I had forgotten why I began Loving Reaper in the first place,” she remarked. “Some of my motivation and inspiration have faded. With this comic, I attempted to reclaim it.”

The creator also informed us that the most of her works will be published in a hardcover book soon. There will be some never-before-seen comics as well as a few other surprises. Pre-orders will begin in August, so keep a look out. Jenny Jinya will soon update her website and social media pages with further information.

Unfortunately, people know what the comic is about all too well



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