This Artist Demonstrates Why It’s OK for Not All Women to Want Children


As soon as a woman marries, she is expected to have a kid. Society doesn’t even inquire about her desire for a child. Because our society considers the concept of a woman who does not want any children to be ludicrous and immoral. And that sounds absurd. Being a mother is said to be a full-time job. As a result, it should come as no surprise to our society that some women are unwilling to give up a portion of their lives in order to raise a child. Or simply because it is expected of them by society.

So, I’d want to ask the society: Have you ever tried to figure out why some women refuse to have children? no? After all, why not? Because they may be terrified of medical bills or unable to bear their financial obligations for the rest of their lives. Because you’re so busy mocking them, you never sought to figure out why.

Let’s meet Kate McDonough, an artist. A lady who does not wish to have children. Kate is from the state of Dakota in the United States. So she’s an illustrator who enjoys drawing comics, portraits, and a variety of other ridiculous stuff. Her art has always been based on a sense of humour. As a result, she determined to explain why not having children is perfectly acceptable. And she did an excellent job with her comics. Check it out!!

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